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Growing up in South Africa we have hunting, biltong and bushveld in our veins. The smell of the first shot fired on a cold winter’s morning is imprinted in your mind and the hunting season always kicks off with the smell of a cleaned and oiled rifle as you take it out of the safe. From the dense lowveld bush, to the open plains of the Karoo, we have groomed some of the finest marksmen in the world this a rich culture.

At VELDT we never sought to simply invest in a product. When we developed this brand we invested in the market, the cohesion and passion that is shared amongst marksmen alike. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, the rewards of being part of a tradition and a culture is the endless.

Every product in the VELDT arsenal was carefully designed with a specific goal in mind. Every product had to have purpose and had to add value. No single product was unintentional or accidently stumbled upon. They were focus driven to achieve specific results, as dictated by our carefully selected marksmen, that joined in on the development of this product. We can truly say that this product was engineered and refined by marksmen, for marksmen. 

We take extreme pride in our products and for many years we had a dream to develop a product that will be able to compete in the global market while upholding or even exceeding the quality thereof. VELDT products were engineered to give South African riflemen a product that is competitive, of exceptional quality and especially “fitting their wallets”. 

And then there is the smell....above all it had to smell great. We set out to develop smells for each individual product that at least brought back a distinct memory or would be able to create new ones. We all have something in life that reminds us of something. We want the smell of these products to remind you of your hunting trip, or the time you spent with friends on the range or just the quite time alone belting a few rounds down the range. This is what matters and this is what VELDT is about.

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VELDT is a name that is pronounced the same in many languages and means roughly the same in all. This is where we feel at home, right here in the VELDT.


VELDT is not a person or a business, VELDT is a lifestyle of what we love most.

It is up to each and every one of us to keep our traditions alive and make it possible for future generations to be able to enjoy this amazing lifestyle called the outdoors. Whether it is a rifle, a shotgun, a side arm, a bow or a fishing rod. When we are in the VELDT we live with no boundaries.

May your arrows fly true and your bullets hit every target.

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