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Front view Silenced

SILENCED is a chemical compound developed to deep-clean rifle and sidearm suppressors and muzzle brakes. SILENCED is specially engineered to lift carbon and other residues from metal surfaces and keep it in suspension while the special chemical surfactant blend goes to work on the rinsing and neutralising of residual fouling. Our technology enables the cleaner to penetrate small spaces and crevices to remove fouling and loosen stubborn deposits that hamper equipment functionality. SILENCED is safe for use on various metal and coated surfaces but anodized surfaces should be avoided. SILENCED was developed to silence your problem without cleaning out your pocket."BRING FORTH THE MARKSMAN in you"

SILENCED Silencer & Muzzle Brake Cleaner

VAT Included
  • Designed to aid in the removal of 




    Silencers and muzzle brakes (Non-anodized)

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