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XTermin8r Bore Cleaner 60ml and 150ml Front view

XTERMIN8R is formulated to chemically act on heavy layers of carbon, copper, nitro, moly and lead and is one of the best all-round cleaners in the VELDT MARKSMAN arsenal. The carefully selected balance of chemicals acts fast and suspends residual unwanted ions, containing them in the solvent without hampering the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Ammonia and acetone free with a candy scent, the XTERMIN8R might smell gentle but packs a knockout punch when it comes to removing unwanted residue and fouling. Fast, quick, reliant and to the point cleaning for the next generation rifleman."BRING FORTH THE MARKSMAN in you"

XTermin8R Bore Cleaner

VAT Included
  • Designed to remove




    AR Bolt and Carriers, Revolver cylinders and older fouled firearms.

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